Wednesday, 10 November 2010

4 months on..

Well...we made it to 4 months and I really can't believe how quickly its gone!!   It feels like only yesterday we found out we were having twins and some days I look down and can't believe there are 2 little babies in front of me.

Its amazing how much their own personalities have developed already, I do wonder how much of their differences are down to being boy/girl however I strongly believe in nurture so when I here "oh its because his a boy" I roll my eyes and reply "maybe" as some conversations just fall on deaf ears.

Fia has grown the most and is developing an immense amount of physical strength...she holds her head well and can lay on her belly (reluctantly) and push upwards.  She has a smile for everyone even if she is unwell (that didn't help to convince the doctor she was genuinely ill a few weeks back), she loves attention and would rather have a cuddle than play by herself.  She obviously adores and depends on her brother and is always looking to see where he is.

Max, one the other hand, wouldn't always notice if Fia wasn't there.  He talks to her, in their funny little language, whenever she is in his eye line but doesn't actively seek her out.  Instead he chooses to play by himself thrashing around on his play mat.  Strength wise he is slightly weaker than Fia, still looking like a nodding dog when trying to support his own head although he is beginning to show some interest in sitting upright.  His grumpy face breaks into a smile when someone talks to him and that person is often treated to a round of laughter if the talking continues.

Two beautiful, gorgeous independent babies and today I can't believe how lucky I am...tomorrow, however, is another story.

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  1. I can't believe how quickly it's gone either!