About Us

Hi, I'm Kirsty Mum to Holly (born July 2002) and new mum to twins Max and Fia (born August 2010).  This is a place for both myself and my partner Lee to share our experiences of being parents to twins.
Blogging is a new to me and involves a large amount of learning as I'm not the most technical minded (hopefully Lee will have the skills I lack to fill in the gaps) however so far I'm enjoying it.

For the last three years I have been studying for a degree in education which has taken much of my time, having finished that and having to delay my application for a PGCE I hope to find myself some new interests as well as re-introduce myself to some old ones. 

I love to cook/bake and for the last few months making even a sandwich has been challenge (and that's not just because I have a tiny kitchen).  Hopefully within the next month or two I will be fattening up both Lee and Holly with a selection of yummy cakes and biscuits as well as developing my very shakey icing skills.
As well as cooking I enjoy reading (a pre pregnancy interest) and knitting (self taught during pregnancy and very rough around the edges).  I'm also not adverse to a bit of television watching (Lee would say a telly addict).  Not sure what takes my fancy in the new interest section at the moment but I guess I could put blogging in under that heading.  For now I'll just see what time allows!