Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Routine Update

Well as Lee has said we have had some success with our routine, however, the one we tried after reading the baby whisperer was not what bought this success.  The initial routine involved 3 hourly feeds and by day 2 the babies were so well feed they barely woke...this meant that activity time was completely non-existent.  On day 3 A contented House with Twins by Gina ford dropped through the letter box and it has proved an interesting and useful read.

I have heard many times that Gina ford pushes a strict routine that doesn't allow for individuality in babies and in part I would agree.  The routine she talks of is extremely structured- down to telling Mum when to eat!  This I feel is a step to far!!  However there is space for a certain amount of adaption and I have taken some advice she has given and implemented it into a routine that fits us, such as babies in bed by 7 o clock. This new routine is mostly working for us...most evenings the house falls silent at 7 apart for the sounds coming from Holly playing on the Wii that is.  This evening time is much needed, it gives Lee and I time with Holly and time with each other, it has also provided a sleep pattern that involves only one night feed although we are hoping to phase this feed out.

Between the two 'manuals' I have read I have managed to implement a structure that works for us and the babies.  I' very pleased I read them but would always say take what you can from what you read but don't use it as a bible and let it dictate your life.  If I listened to everything Gina ford had said I would be lonely by now as her day doesn't incorporate leaving the house.

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