Thursday, 5 August 2010

New Arrivals

After an eventful week Max and Fia arrived into this world on 1st July 2010 weighing 6lb and 6lb 12 respectively (yes-I was huge!).  Since that day, 5 weeks ago exactly, life in the Warren/Relton household has been strange.  Over night we grew from a quiet, well adjusted family of 3 to (what seems like) a huge family of 5.  I always intended to have 3 or 4 children (Lee may disagree here) however I thought it would be a gradual process, we would be a family of 4 for a while then 5 etc.  Going from one child to two is a big step however going from one to three is a gigantic leap.  This difference in size has made life interesting to say the least and for the first time in five weeks I am going to say this is hard!

I didn't think this was going to be easy, having one baby isn't easy however I have refused to admit this is hard (and there are some people I still won't admit it to).  Throughout the pregnancy I got all the usual comments faced by twin Mums

"double trouble"
"you've got your work cut out"
"how are you going to manage that" ((not so) reassuringly from my Nan)
"Congratulation but Good Luck!"

I always smiled and responded "we'll be fine, we are really lucky".

Now when "asked is it hard?" I respond "no everything just takes a little longer".  Well I have to say, that little longer makes it hard.
What with one is a 30 minute night feed is an hour night feed with two.
Where with one you might sterilise 8 bottles a day with two you do sixteen.
When one baby has been settled down there is still one crying waiting for their hug/feed/change/*insert here

Life now revolves around washing, cleaning bottles and feeding and if I'm really lucky there may be time for an uninterrupted hug with Holly or a kiss with Lee however that would be a good day.
Despite this I wouldn't change it, we are lucky-a thought I keep repeating to myself, many would love the opportunity to have one baby and we received two.

In return for the sleepless nights and testing days we will receive double the love and double the laughs. We have two little people to watch grow and develop, two that we can enjoy and nurture.  The next few years may be a challenge but its one I intend to succeed at.

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