Friday, 3 September 2010

Jab day

Its been a couple of weeks but I have a spare ten minutes..yes ten whole thought I would spend it posting.  The twins and their jabs today and I'm not sure whether the waiting room experience was better or worse than the time spent in the nurses room.  Max and Fia were both hungry so a bit restless (although I guess I'm lucky they weren't screaming).  I spent the best part of the wait avoiding eye contact with everyone in the hope that I wouldn't have to have the usual conversations- no they are not identical (stupid question), yes they are good (although I wonder what the response would be if I replied "well this one is evil"), yes they are big due to being full term babies etc etc etc.  Anyway I manged roughly 10 minutes before the lady sitting opposite decided she was an expert and would give me some advice on how important routine is for twins...and NO she did NOT have twins herself!!!! I smiled pleasantry's whilst secretly wanting to smack her one and was relieved when the intercom called "Max and Fia Warren Relton to the nurses room". Well, the tale ends here as my ten minutes are up... 

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